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Adblue Emulator v.3 with NOx ** EU Stock **

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The AdBlue V.3 emulator is very easy to fit. It will stop all use of adblue liquid. No engine derate will ever occur and no adblue fault warning lights will be displayed. It will appear as though the whole system is working perfectly.

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Product Description

Adblue Emulator V.3

AdBlue Emulator v.3 is the newest product, which can emulate the proper work of AdBlue system in your vehicle. Moreover, you may install the emulator in any Euro4 & Euro5 vehicle.

The emulator substitutes all SCR system components:

– AdBlue pump
– temperature sensor
– NOx sensor
– AdBlue level sensor
– pressure sensor

Advantages of the emulator

Easy to start using

Firstly, you have to connect the emulator to PC via USB and start the software to choose the brand of your vehicle. The device will be programmed in seconds. That’s all, you may connect it to the vehicle.

If you change your vehicle to another one, you have to repeat the procedure and adapt the device to a brand of a new vehicle via the software before installing the device into the truck.

The AdBlue Emulator v.3 works with fault SCR system

You may connect the emulator to a vehicle with errors in SCR system. It is a huge advantage of our device. You do not need to use any additional hardware like any dealer’s auto scanner to fix the errors. Infact the whole AdBlue system could be removed from the truck.

Supported vehicles

The AdBlue Emulator v.3 supports all Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles except Euro 6 vehicles. The emulator is compatible with VOLVO, RENAULT, MAN, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, FORD vehicles.


We offer original AdBlue emulator v.3, we don’t sell any low-quality chinese copies. To ensure our customers that our devices are high quality, we provide 1 year of full warranty . So if you have any problem with the emulator, please contact our technical support department and we will do all our best to repair the device.

Additional information about AdBlue

Attention! Our product is oriented to countries where there are no laws requiring EURO 4/5 ecological standards compliance. SCR Emulator allows you to reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) refills if you can use your truck without compliance with EURO 4/5/6 standards in your country.

By buying this device you take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use the emulator or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of it.

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Weight0.3 kg