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Product Description

Electronic service tool (EST) – used by the specialists of dealer centers to connect to machines having the Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS bus within the framework of the electronic system architecture.

With CNH SCANNER you can:

• Check the status of the parameters;
• Recover errors;
• Running diagnostic tests;
• Make ECU and programming parameters;
• Monitoring of active and registered diagnostics;
• View and change the configuration of the ECU;
• View diagnostic procedures and charts.
• Problem solving;
• Use the asist database;
• Start diagnostics area;

E.A.S.y is an additional tool for diagnosing and loading the engine for direct connection to the ECU for diagnostics, programming and ECU reset via the K-Line protocol.
The CNH Engine loader works with the EST program to perform the following boot operations:

• Provide the ability to update the ECU software;
• Provide empty initialization and programming of the ECU;
• Provide reassignment of ECU programming for empty and other ECUs;
• Ensure recovery of disaster recovery of the ECU boot.

See our password generator approval for programming Blank ECU, ECU remapping and disaster recovery recovery.

Supported brands:

• BUSINESS (Agriculture and construction);
• Flexi-Coil;
• Miller;
• New Holland (agriculture and construction);

Supported languages: English, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish.

Packing List:

• 15′ USB cable
• 9-pin Deutsch adapter

Software that can work with CNH SCANNER:

• CNH Electronic Service Tool (Engineering)
• CNH Electronic Service Tool Diagnostic Procedures