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weight: 1kg.


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The iON Base Navigation Terminal is an advanced onboard equipment designed for installation on any vehicle. The device primary function is collecting data on position, direction, speed ,operating conditions of a target object, and reading data from the connected sensors.

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Product Description

The terminal receives data on its positioning, current time, speed and driving direction from the GPS and GLONASS satellites. If no access to the satellites provided (underground parking, reinforced concrete floors and walls, topographic features, etc.), the object is positioned via the nearest GSM stations. Current position, indications of connected devices and onboard data is transmitted to the server over the GSM network. The web application allows the user to track the vehicle position and operating conditions via a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet computer from anywhere in the world.

The iON Base terminal holds all the features required for a variety of tasks. iON Base supports most of the interfaces. The driver identification system and thermosensors can be connected using 1-Wire, RS-485 interface allows connecting various sensors, indicators and additional equipment, CAN (J1939/FMS) interface provides direct data reading from the onboard computer (fuel consumption, tank fuel level, load on axle, motormeter, engine RPM, engine load, etc.)

If no connection with the server is established, all data is recorded into the integrated memory of 128 MB capacity, which is sufficient for storing of 2.5 million records! In case of a vehicle position out of the cellular network coverage, SIM cards zero balance or operation failures of collection servers, all the data received by the terminal is maintained.The data can be transmitted to the server when connection is restored, when connecting the device to a PC or via USB flash drive.USB data uploading is protected by the integrated key system.The iON Base terminal features an exclusive mechanism of data transmission to the server using two self-sufficient packets.

The device complies with the requirements of high reliability and fault tolerance. Dual SIM card support provides smooth operation and traffic economy in a roaming area. All the connectors, including both SIM cards are hidden by the case equipped with two tamper sensors. In case of tampering with the device operation, the signal to the dispatcher station is sent. Besides, there is an option of firmware remote updating. All the iRZ equipment has an open standard protocol and can be integrated into different tracking systems.


iON Base Installation Guide [4,18 Mb]

Datasheet [728,45 Kb]

iON Configuration App 1.06 (02.12.2014) [1,31 Mb]

iON Base Main Functions

Real-time positioning of a target object, its speed and moving direction
Data collection from various connected sensors
Data transmission to the server (on request or schedule)
Program notification of an operator on “alarm events” (power cut-off, internal antennas failure, case tampering, speeding, fuel draining, etc.), notification via SMS and email
Data storage in nonvolatile memory
Driver behavior analysis


iON Base Key Features

the capacity of the internal nonvolatile memory of 12 MB allows storing up to 2.5 million records
exclusive mechanism of data transmission to the server
driver behavior analysis (built-in accelerometer)
power-saving modes
ample opportunities for connection of additional equipment
support for remote updating of terminal firmware
integrated protection against the terminal tempering (antenna connectors, cables, SIM card slots are protected by the cover with mechanical and electronic seal)
support for data uploading from the “black box” to the USB flash drive (built-in key security system is enabled)
AES encryption use for data transmission to the server and uploading to the USB flash drive
smooth operation even in harsh environments
protection against voltage swings (up to 90V)
built-in LiPol battery of 1250 mA/h
dual SIM card support
SIM chip support **
voice interface

Technical Specifications

GPS/GLONASS navigation receiver
operating frequency range: GSM/GPRS 900/1800 MHz; (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)**; 3G (2100 MHz)**
external GPS/GLONASS antenna
external GPS antenna
flash-memory: 128 MB (2,5 million of records)
SIM cards:
dual SIM card support
SIM chip support **
built-in accelerometer: three-axis
additional features:
firmware remote update, WEB
connectors cover with the tamper sensor

Electrical Specifications

power voltage 9 to 30V
maximum voltage rating in a long-term mode: 50 V
current consumption in various modes (at 24V power voltage), max:
75 mA (operating mode, the battery is charged)
210 mA (operating mode, the battery is discharged)
3.4 mA (6.1 mA at 12V) (sleep mode)
built-in battery: Li-Pol

Physical Specifications of iON Base

dimensions: 109 х 109 х 21 mm
weight, max: 210 g
gross weight, max: 560 g
Ingress Protection: IP54
operating temperature: -40ºС to +60ºС

Connectors and Interfaces

main Microfit 14 interface connector
additional Microfit 8 interface connector
SMA connector for GSM antenna
SMA connector for GPS/GLONASS antenna
SIM card holder 1**
SIM card holder 2
Mini USB connector

main interfaces:
4 multipurpose inputs ***
2 multipurpose outputs ***
one RS-485 bus
CAN-bus (J1939 / FMS)
one 1-Wire bus
RS-232 bus**
voice communication

* technical specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice
** optional
*** total number of inputs/outputs amounts to 4

Additional Information

Weight1 kg