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Scania VCI2 Diagnostic Adapter
Scania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic AdapterScania VCI2 Diagnostic Adapterscania-multi-spare-parts-catalog-service-information-2SCANIA MULTI 02/2014 SPARE PARTS CATALOG

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The Scania VCI2 adapter can effectively diagnose all models of heavy vehicles of Scania over 2004. Scania VCI2 features a variety of fault codes stored and it also put forth customized proposals for remedial measures and delete option. This item comes with Scania Multi 02/2014 Spare Parts Catalog & Service Information. NON CHINESE Scania VCI2 Diagnostic Adapter (Metal Case).

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Product Description

Scania VCI2 Diagnostic Adapter (Metal Case)  + Scania Multi 02/2014 Spare Parts Catalog

The new version of Scania VCI2 diagnostic tool now replaces the older version Scania VCI1 which is compatible for vehicles before 2004 only. This model is designed to suit the latest model Scania trucks, buses and heavy vehicles. Now we provide Scania VCI2 adapter with the newest Scania SDP3 software (Version 2.19), which has got many advanced features.

USB HASP key covers three licenses:

1. High Level used for Scania R,P,G,T,K,N series (buses, trucks) over 2004 year;
2. Industry & Marine Level used for industrial and marine engines;
3. Internal Level for developers used for Scania R,P,G,T,K,N series (buses, trucks) over 2004 year.

After connecting the VCI2 unit to PC and starting the SDP3 software, you can easily access the data from VCI2 by going to the View option. VCI2 also support the earlier systems in the P, R, T, K, and N series vehicles as well as the marine engines.

Supported languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Suomi, Italian, Turkish, Czech and Russian.

The add-on features of Scania VCI2:

Information about configuration and settings of control unit.
Information about the electrical parts and their locations.
Output and input signals.
Activation / deactivation of the components.
Programming of the spare parts.
The detailed circuit diagrams for all types of vehicles which shows how the specific circuit is implemented within the vehicle.
The chassis data with which the vehicle gives a description of itself on how it is being configured.
Information on user functions. This aid is meeting the market requirements and work more efficiently in troubleshooting via user functionality as in case of cruise control etc.

Package list:

1 x Scania VCI2 Adapter
1 x Scania SDP3 2.19 Software (CD)
1 x USB HASP Key

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We offer original Scania VCI2 Adapter, we don’t sell any low-quality chinese copies. To ensure our customers that our devices are high quality, we provide 1 year of full warranty . So if you have any problem with VCI2 Adapter, please contact our technical support department and we will do all our best to repair the device.

Manufacturer’s website

Scania Multi 02/2014 Spare Parts Catalog & Service Information

1. Supported Language: English, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, French, Czech, Swedish
2. Notice: Repair Information Only Has English and German Language Version!
3. Operating System: WIN XP
4. Version: 02/2014

The Chassis Number Says It All: Scania Multi for Shorter Workshop Visits

Scania Multi is one of the most advanced workshop information systems on the market. Using the chassis number, it is possible to individually tailor all the information needed to carry out servicing, fault-tracing and repairs on each individual vehicle, thus enhancing the quality and precision of the workshop’s operations. At the same time, the customer benefits from a shorter standstill time.

Scania Multi is a PC program distributed on DVD-ROM. Scania Multi contains information about parts, workshop operations, time required and necessary instructions, and this information is structured according to the specific needs of each user category. The system Scania Multi saves time on several fronts, which is of major benefit to the customer in the form of shorter standstill times.

Time Savings and Better Quality for the Customer:

Precision: the right parts, times and operations from the very outset.
Easily accessible information: quick searching, only relevant information.
Rapid response: cost estimate at the first contact.
Many languages: information in 9 languages increases precision and speed.
Simple updating: only current information is found in the system.
The workshop of the future: everyone at the Scania workshop has access to the information in Scania Multi, which makes for a flexible organization.
Local modifications are simple: Scania Multi is structured so that special adaptations can be integrated for each specific market.

Here is a Typical Sequence of Events When Visiting a Scania Workshop Which Uses Scania Multi:

A driver observes a brake fault on his truck and drives to a Scania workshop. With the help of the chassis number, the customer receptionist calls up the truck’s specification and uses Scania Multi to determine the work which needs to be carried out. The customer receptionist can thus immediately offer the customer a time and cost estimate.

The mechanic who takes on the job looks up Scania Multi to find out how it should be tackled on this particular truck, and verifies exactly which parts will be needed for this chassis number. The system dispatches an order to the parts store, which fetches the relevant parts. The truck is repaired and the Scania Multi system then automatically produces the necessary documentation for invoicing the customer.

Many areas of use in the Scania workshop

Scania Multi is Intended Primarily for Following Users within the Scania Dealership Organization:
Customer receptionists or workshop supervisors: they use the standard times list, fault-tracing diagrams, technical descriptions and bulletins, package activities.
Mechanics: look up the function descriptions, operational descriptions, specifications and service bulletins.
Parts personnel: they refer to the parts catalogue.
Warranty personnel: they use the standard times list as their primary tool.

All this information is easily accessible to all users of Scania Multi. The system opens the door to a restructuring of workshop operations. The mechanic can if necessary act as a customer receptionist and can even handle invoicing and other follow-up processes.

Easy decision

The investment is a modest one for the Scania workshop. Scania Multi is run on a standard PC, which can be used for other tasks in the workshop. The program can also be run in a network. Its information is updated via CD-ROM discs which are sent to the workshops four times a year. Any supplements in between these four scheduled updates are provided in the form of paper printouts. The entire process is thus far simpler than trying to keep paper or microfiche copies of each individual publication up to date.

Parts catalogues, standard times lists and package price lists are included in Scania Multi as of November 2003. Workshop manuals with functional descriptions, operational descriptions, specifications and service bulletins will be fully entered into the system from autumn 2003.

Package List:

Quantity of DVD: 2DVD

Additional Information

Weight2 kg